Sunday, August 07, 2016

New eBook: How I Create CitraSolv Contemporary Collages

My new eBook, ' How I Create CitraSolv Contemporary Collages" is finally finished and is for sale in my Etsy store. I am adding a limited time free bonus of 6 digital CitraSolved pages worth $4.25 that you can print and use with most of the techniques in the eBook. This is great for those of you unable to obtain CitraSolv. The fee bonus offer ends January 31, 2017 so I hope you take advantage of it.

Learn my techniques for creating contemporary collages using CitraSolved papers and other materials.

This eBook will show you how I create these collages and I will share links to other artist’s videos that have inspired me and the techniques that I have adapted in my own collages. 

There are 26 diagrammed collages showing the techniques I used.

In this eBook there is a chapter about composition and my thoughts on the subject which I call ‘Intuitive Composition’.

I share some transfer techniques that I have not used in my other eBooks!

I will show you how to finish your collage including using Cold Wax. You will also learn how to mount your collage on canvas or frame it.

The collage techniques I will be showing you could also be done with other papers that are not altered with CitraSolv®. If you can’t buy CitraSolv you can buy digital CitraSolv® textures at my Etsy store and can print them and use paint instead of CitraSolv® in the ways I use CitraSolv® to remove the inks on the actual textured papers. 

There are assets of templates and copyright free images that you can use as well! 

You can see the table of contents at my Etsy store

If you love collage then you will enjoy this eBook!


  1. congratulations!!! thats awesome.

  2. Thank you, Meera!I really appreciate you taking the time to comment. I checked out your site and really like some of your paintings.Well done!


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