Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Handmade Art Journals

Art Journals made like the one in the above picture are relatively new to me. I started taking some online classes and I am really enjoying the process. I had planned to use up all the paints and collage materials I have cluttering up my studio, but true to form I bought more! Not only that I now have the little art journals that I’ve made added to the hoard. Gone are the days of art shows when I sold most of the things I made. It’s so hard for me to make things just for the sake of making them. I will admit I do enjoy revisiting them again and again after I finish making them. Maybe that should be enough of a reason to keep creating them.

This little journal is approximately 5x5”. I use some handmade wrapping paper I bought years ago at The Dollar Tree store

I cut the paper into the size I wanted and then applied a coat of gesso. When dry I then rubbed on earth tone paints with my fingers. The rest was collaging bits and pieces of papers, lace, etc. I did some stenciling and also some hand stitching. Actually it took me as long to make this little journal as to paint a large painting!

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