Thursday, May 25, 2006

Time In A Bottle

Time moves much too fast as two more chapters have ended. Three of my grandchildren are graduating from high school this week. Which means this photo was taken 7 years ago! I found it when I was looking for photos of my art show tent to show to the woman who bought the tent the other day. This picture certainly brought back a lot of fond memories and tears to my eyes. Like to song goes, “ If I could put time in a bottle,” this is one time I would save. The picture was taken by one of my great loves that is no longer in my life. I am wearing a wonderful necklace he bought me for my birthday. It was handcrafted by one of the show artisans. It is a sterling silver frog with a large semi precious stone (can’t remember the name) for the body. I think I will wear it to the graduation party as it will go perfect with my green dress and will add a special meaning to the event! Fortunately the activities surrounding the graduation have taken my mind off the implications of selling the tent and the finality (I think) of my outdoor shows.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Bamboo, Bambooooo

Okay, enough is enough! The bamboo sprout hunting is not fun anymore. To think this will go on for weeks. It gives me nightmares every year. It's growing under my deck that's the biggest pain. I worry about it invading my basement, ughhh! I think my watercolor sketch shows my agitation.

Monday, May 01, 2006

Sprout Hunting

My small back yard is enclosed by a grove of bamboo planted by my neighbor with my permission. I love the privacy, but unfortunately I did not know it would become a springtime nightmare. I had the zoo come a couple of years ago to cut it back, however they only wanted the new growth. I try to stay ahead of it, which I’ve always disliked doing, especially under the deck, so I decided to make it a game, hunting for new sprouts like Easter eggs. There are so many wonderful things one can do with bamboo, fences, furniture, chimes, candle holders, etc. Not to mention the great subject it makes for art.
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