Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Back to The Drawing Board

As most of you know I made my living as an abstract artist for over 30 years. Although traditional art, especially drawing, was my first love. I remember at the age of 9 when my mother took me to my first art supply store in Dayton, Ohio. She bought me a Foster art book about drawing faces. I was hooked and spent hours copying the faces in the book. That was 70 years ago! Over the years I did many drawings and had some published in a small town magazine called the Vermonter back in the 60’s. .

In the late 70’s, after taking some classes at the Atlanta School of Art and also privately, I fell in love with abstract painting and made it my art career.

When I retired I discovered Photoshop and Painter. I started taking online classes for computer art. I was consumed with creative cloning and also painting freehand on the computer. Last year when the iPad came into my life the joy of sketching returned because I could work directly on the tablet. Recently my right eye has been giving trouble and the headaches have forced me to cut back on my iPad drawing. I signed up for some online classes and started working in real media again thanks to Julie Johnson (Instagram@julier13johnson)  and Renata Loree   and I love it!

The drawing of the woman above was drawn with a Dollar Store mechanical pencil in my journal.
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