Saturday, July 26, 2014

Thank You Everyone!

New Moon Rising

  Thank you everyone for all the support you have given me through this adventure of creating my first eBook about using CitraSolv® as an art medium. A big “shout-out” goes to Kathi Ganong for all of her help. She is a pet portrait artist whose work is in many private collections. She gave me so much encouragement. I used one of her wonderful dog portraits for a transfer technique that I teach in the eBook. A big thank you goes to my sister-in-law Melissa Caughman, who did the proof reading. She has the talent to spot every left out punctuation and other mistakes. I made plenty and she amazed me with her ability to correct them. When I was in the resistance stage Deborah Fleming Kolesar suggested I read the War of Art by Steven Pressfield. It just so happened that I have a copy and it helped me to break through my procrastination and fear.
  I created a blog for my eBooks; and also a Facebook page Dissolve It ~ Resolve It Art. I am thrilled to report that Dissolve It ~ Resolve It 101 has been a success and those who bought it say it is very inspiring!
  The image above, New Moon Rising, is a collage I created from the interesting papers that I made with the process. It is not digital, however, I do have many interesting textures now to make digital collages. I may even create an eBook about that too since I have figured out how to do it. Off to another thing to cross off my bucket list!
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