Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Autumn Begins Today!

Autumn begins today and the weather has been wonderful lately. I was able to spend an afternoon last week playing with a 2014 National Geographic magazine and I was very pleased with the results. I thought I would post one of the pieces I did with the pages I created. I have been working on a series to promote my eBook, Dissolve It ~Resolve It. I have been using a lot of transfers (the technique described in the eBook). I experimented with different types of papers and I wanted to have some transparency of the paper, but maintain the transferred image. The transfer of the Maple leaf on the page is the result of this technique. The distorted fonts you see on the page were left when the CitraSolv® dissolved the ink. I have no idea what it said but it reminded me of the word October. I am sure that was not what it was. However, it motivated me to use a leaf as part of the composition. That’s the fun part of using this CitraSolv® technique you never know what will appear on the page to motivate your creativity. If you have not done so, why not buy my eBook before the sale ends October 31 and try some of the techniques. It may open a completely new world of creativity for you!

Monday, September 01, 2014

Artsy Fartsy Newsletter Rocks!

Here’s a toast to Robert Burridge’s newsletter, and his super wife and marketing manager Kate, for promoting my eBook, Dissolve It ~Resolve It  If you do not subscribe to it now I highly suggest you do if you love great tips and short tutorials. This issue features painting a wine bottle with three easy brushstrokes to start. Check it out here
Also, check out Bob’s website to view his fantastic paintings!

So what does this mean for my eBook? Good stuff! It also means a follow-up e-book is in the making. Who would have thought that I would become an author in my old age? Too bad I didn't major in English, but the art major has been the foundation of it all and I have few regrets. My paintings supported me for many years.

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