Monday, May 26, 2014


Taking a break from writing my eBook about using CitraSolv® for an art technique, I decided to go for a walk. I have to watch my step when I walk to keep from stumbling, but I often see interesting things looking at the ground. Sometimes it’s just cracks that form interesting patterns which I photograph thinking they may be useful in some way. My picture folders on my computer are stuff with images like these. I rarely use them. However, on this walk I found a piece of wire that had been wrapped in an interesting design. I knew when I picked it up just how it would be used. One of the pages that appeared in the CitraSolv® process would make a perfect background for it. As I said in my previous post you never know what you are going to get with CitraSolv® or when you go on a walk. It’s all serendipity.

Saturday, May 10, 2014

CitraSolv® ~ Like a box of chocolates

                                                                         Above It All

If Forest Gump was dissolving inks in National Geographic Society® magazines with CitraSolv® he would say it is like a box of chocolates; you never know what you will get. That is what makes the process so fascinating.

After a long absence from creating with CitraSolv®, I began using it again. The beautiful spring weather, after a bitter winter, just beckoned me to come outside and play. Now I am eager to get back to my studio and create more art for my book about the CitraSolv® process. It is now becoming an eBook because they can have less pages and problems dealing with publishing guidelines.

I stopped writing the book and working in my studio when I was diagnosed with kidney disease. Fortunately, the doctors caught it in time. Changing my diet, watching my blood pressure and not using NSAIDS has stabilized them.

The piece I am posting is pretty much the way it looked when I pulled it from the magazine, with the exception of a few tricks I teach in my eBook. The abstract design pleased me so much that I thought I would post it here.

Friday, May 02, 2014

Art Buddy

This is Baxter; an adorable Shih Tzu that belongs to KathiGanong.  Kathi, a very talented pet portrait artist, said this about Baxter, "He found this paint brush and thought it was the neatest toy/chew stick he had ever found." She decided to take a picture of him and paint this portrait. I love it! What artist wouldn’t?

I met Kathi in on Facebook. We are both members of Karen Bonaker's Facebook Digital Art Academy. I have really enjoyed getting to know Kathi. She is such a kind soul and so generous about helping animal shelters and rescue groups by offering free portraits they can use for fund raisers such as raffles.

Not only has Kathi been a blessing to them she has been one for me also. It is rare to find someone who understands you and gives you insight and support without judgment. She has been a wonderful sounding board and friend! Thank you for your friendship Kathi.

Check out Kathi’s website and see some more of the wonderful pet portraits she has painted.

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