Saturday, February 13, 2016

My Valentine for you to color

Happy Valentine's Day!

Everyone was so receptive of the coloring book style holiday card I created that I thought you would also enjoy coloring or collaging elements in this Valentine card I also created for you. As you can see I used some of my favorite CitraSolv textures in the hearts. I covered how to enhance the color of the CitraSolv textures in my “Mix It Up!” mixed media eBook
(To print this, just right click on the card and save it to your computer and then print it.)

I am wishing everyone lots of love, creativity and special things for a Happy Valentine’s Day……


Monday, February 01, 2016

Staying warm in the Blue Light

Just checking to say “Hi” and hope you are being more creative today than I have been these past few weeks. My studio is in my basement and is not very comfortable to work in this time of year. I have one of those oil space heaters, but it only heats the area around it. So unless I am really excited about something I am working on I don't go down there. 

Working at my computer has been difficult lately also.  I am dealing with headaches and eye fatigue, which I think has something to do with the computer blue light screen, especially the iPad one. I put a free blue light filter (f.lux) on my desktop PC computer which helps some, but I am waiting for the next IOS upgrade for the iPad. I understand they will have this option with it. The filter does effect the color. Everything is warmer, but hopefully our eyes can compensate for that. I am wearing sunglasses now during the day and when I use the iPad and using a lot of eye drops.

The above picture is a combination of images from and Also my Bubbles and Grunge CitraSolve texture
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