Thursday, July 30, 2009

Older But Wiser?

Being older and wiser has come with a price. The cost has been many years of hard work and also mistakes and failure. I have become increasingly aware that of some my knowledge is almost useless because information and opinions continue to change. Today people see the world differently. The old rules often do not apply. This is not new with art, but it is more acceptable now than ever to break the “rules”. Often the creation becomes more interesting. The work does not bore you with convention. Instead, it provokes, it charms, may disturb, but always grabs your attention. To prove the point there is a new movie out that is having record-breaking attendance because it is so radically bad. In this day of higher stakes and expectations to master everything, do we need a break and crave some perfection in repose?
I recently learned this lesson when an artist asked my opinion of her painting. I offered to do a digital diagrammed critique. Unfortunately, I realized after I emailed back my critique, the painting was no longer hers. I had been so foolish to rework it and I robbed her spirit from the painting. I quickly let her know that I had made a mistake and apologized for being so presumptuous. A wiser I will restrain from ever doing this again. I will instead ask the artist how they feel about their creation and why, then listen.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Back To Square One!

I am celebrating!I recently went to the Atlanta Artists Center to pick up my art from the latest show.In the process of going though the storage rack to find my paintings, my lost painting "Back To Square One", magically appeared in the lower rack!It was such a strange feeling seeing it again. It's funny how we can get attached to our creations.It's a joy to sell or give them away, but to loose them is really hard for me.
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