Monday, June 11, 2012

Polyvore Collage


It seems it takes more energy for me to do anything now. After making the rounds to lads for tests, doing a little shopping, I really feel like I have run a marathon. Betty White puts me to shame with all of her energy and seemingly good health. I actually have a few friends that I think could keep up with her, but that is not me. I must have been out partying when they passed out those genes! At least I have lived long enough to enjoy the digital age, despite all of my shortcomings.
The rain was pouring outside this morning so I could not go for my walk. That is okay, as we need the rain. I decided to spend the morning in my my easy chair, in front of my computer, and play with Polyvore. I love this online collage site, but I worry about the the images they give us to work with as they are often works of other artists. The only redeeming feature is that if you click on the collage it will show you who and where the images came from and you can go to their sites. Much like Pinterest, some artists and companies use this as a way to advertize. I certainly cannot claim what I create nor can I sell it. It is just a game, that can give me ideas for something completely original.
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