Saturday, May 29, 2010

Art and Fear and Yupo

I have been reading ‘Art and Fear’ and dealing with my “Artists’ Funk”. I am always amazed when I hear and read about those who have never experienced it. However, I have broken through my ‘funk’, but not without some frustrations. One of the suggestions in the book is “When things go haywire, your best opening strategy might be to return—very carefully and consciously— to the habits and practices in play the last time you felt good about the work. Return to the space you drifted away from and (sometimes at least) the work will return as well.” The last time I felt excited about my work was when I was entering local art association shows and painting on Yupo. In fact, painting consumed me to the point that I rarely posted as attested to in my June 16, 2008 post.

If you have never heard of Yupo it is a plastic surface that accepts water media paints but has a mind of its own. The paint slips and lifts at the slightest provocation. A Japanese firm created it for sign painting. When I saw the wonderful paintings done by George James, I knew I had to try it. The first time I tried Yupo I cautiously drop some watercolor on the surface and a weird little bloom appeared. I added other colors and before I knew it, I had a strange flower staring at me. With a few pencil accents and paint lifts, I decided it was finished. I signed and titled it ‘Yupo Blossom’. From there I went on to paint some award winning abstracts. After reading chapter V in the book I am cautiously on my way again. The Yupo and watercolors are set to go and my blogging will have to wait in line!


  1. Good for you! Glad Yupo was your part of your return and you have your mojo back! I enjoyed my Yupo experience but know if I return I wouldn't be so inclined to fight the properties so much...second chances are always good.
    I wish you a fun ride and clearly understand the blog taking a back seat.

  2. Beautiful paining Eva! Subtle yet powerful.

  3. Yupo certainly allows one to be very loose when painting. This is lovely. Looks very spontaneous. My only try was undersea life on my blog. I was happy with it but decided to stick to hot pressed paper instead.

  4. Hi Margo, It's nice to be back painting, thank you. I have found I when to allow Yupo to do it's thing and I'm always surprised and happier with the results. It's almost 4:00 am and my adrenaline is so high from painting I can't sleep!

    Stan, I appreciate your kind words, thanks for commenting.

    Jean, you do such lovely, moody paintings, I can understand why Yupo would not appeal to you.Thanks for your comments.

  5. Go forth an grand that the studio is calling...
    I learn something everytime I take Art & Fear off the shelf...thanks for the reminder ;-)

  6. Hi Merci, "Yupo-ize" is a neat word.I've been having fun, but still not satisfied with the results.Not sure if it's because I need to get back into the rhythm or if my standards have changed!

  7. It is a very fluid, spontaneous work, full of energy, I just loved it! I didnt know about yupo,have to try it out, thanks for sharing this info.

  8. Hi padmaja, Thanks for joining my blog. I appreciate your comments. Yupo is frustrating, but fun, I encourage you to try it

  9. Eva !
    Beutiful painting !!
    I haven`t heard about yupo before I read about it in
    another blog !
    Looks great … Don`t think it have come to Norway yet.
    Wishes you creative days : )

    Best from Liv

  10. Thank you Liv.I'm surprised it's not available in Norway. For some reason, after traveling to Europe I have felt it was so much ahead of us in the art world. It is a Japanese product that is slowly catching on here. The difficulty in using it has discouraged a lot of painters.

  11. George James is a friend of mine-- we have taught workshops together at the same locations- we have traded paintings- yahoo! and he is a fabulous painter and teacher.. I have tried yupo and I know it is hard to conquer but allows a lot of freedom too

  12. Oh, Donna, you are so fortunate to be a friend of George James. I have never met him, but everyone I know who has studied with him, loves him!


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