Friday, January 13, 2012

Routine Interrupted

                                             Above Below                                                          Eva Macie©

Deepak Chopra was on the ‘CBS This Morning’ show talking about internet addiction. I think I have found a cure for it, schedule a lot of appointments and unless you have an IPad or Smart Phone or other similar devices (which I don’t), you won’t have time, like me, to be on the internet. It seems forever since I last posted. All the demanding schedules and other things have taken over my life. I rarely go down to my studio and when I do, I find settling down to paint very difficult. The last piece I worked on, I manage to finish, only because I started it months ago. It is the above painting and is layered acrylic with lots of texture, stenciling and scumbling The painting is on a 12”x12” studio wrapped canvas.
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