Tuesday, November 20, 2012



The Gut Art class has ended and for the last challenge I made an art doll. This time I didn't use a bottle for my armature. I had no idea where I would go after I started with the head. I finished her head with paint, etc. and it stayed mounted on skewer for a week before I took the next step. I doubt if anyone would be so naive as to make something like this without a plan, one body part at a time. I used a cornstarch dough recipe I found online because it dries to a hard strong finish. Like all air dry clays, shrinking and cracking is problem, but it is easy to fill them later.

I decided to title my doll, "Thankful" and will make her part of my Thanksgiving Day center piece. I hope your Thanksgiving Day is blessed and filled with gratitude.

Tuesday, November 06, 2012

Comfort Zones

Learning Photoshop digital painting since CS6 came out with new brushes has consumed me. I took a break from my computer and returned to the studio. It was a treat to play with a limited palette of real paint and collage. Although the resulting art, shown above, may look a little chaotic, I can assure you I was in my comfort zone. I am also taking part in a Gut Art class, which inspired this piece and I am eager to create more. So much fun, I pray for more good years to enjoy it

I decided to try out one of Blogger's new template. Please let me know how you like it or should I return to my old template comfort zone?
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