Saturday, October 13, 2012

Ode to Kandinsky

Recently Loving Mixed Media,  a Ning group that I belong to, Danielle Evans started a Kandinsky challenge. We were asked to" dust off all of the cobwebs and get the creative juices flowing again". I read what interested me about Kandinsky to get some understanding about his art. Kandinsky went through many evolutions in style, but my favorite was during his more graphic period from 1922 to 1933,

  “Yellow-Red-Blue” 1925 *
                                                                  ”On White” 1923*

Some biographers said Kandinsky wrote a text “On the Spiritual in Art” giving colors a heavenly connection. Large portions of his works reflect this since they were rendered predominately in the basic primary colors, plus back and white. Inspired by this I created the piece below for the challenge.

                                                  "Ode to Kandinsky" 2012 Eva Macie
I photographed things I found in my garden shed.  I used Photoshop to manipulate and build my composition. Since red, yellow and blue are the “mother” of all colors I can see a possible connection to Kandinsky’s heavenly theory. This is why I put the three tiles of these colors in my composition. I deliberately desaturated some areas for the blacks, whites and grays so dominate in Kandinsky's works. 

It was a fun challenge and it opens a completely new door for my own creativity.

*Both of Kandinsky’s works shown here are from the Paris,Musee National Art Modererne, Centre Georges Pompidou.    You learn more about Kandinsky and see more of his creations at this Kandinsky site 

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