Thursday, December 29, 2011

Helen Frankenthaler

                                                          Helen Frankenthaler

Yesterday I received this email from one of Atlanta’s premier art galleries, the Alan Avery Art Company, also known as Trinity Gallery . I am reprinting the email with permission from the gallery’s administrator, Maria Lundin

“It is with great sadness that we inform you that one of the great women artists of this century, Helen Frankenthaler, died Tuesday, December 27 at her home in Darien, Connecticut. She was 83 years old. As an Abstract Expressionist, her unique style and technique helped introduce what is known as Color Field painting and influenced artists such as Morris Louis and Kenneth Noland. Frankenthaler, whose 13 year marriage to the painter Robert Motherwell ended in 1971, is survived by her second husband,Stephen M. DuBrul, Jr.
Helen Frankenthaler is featured as one of the three great American women artists in our current exhibition, The Glass Ceiling Shattered.
Her long time assistant Maureen St. Onge phoned yesterday around 2:30 and stated that Helen was honored to be a part of our exhibition, believed to be the last while she was still alive. She further stated that Helen was humbled by my choice as one of the three great American artists. She noted that she intentionally left out the term "women." Knowing Frankenthaler's stand on this issue, I had to laugh. She will be missed.
Frankenthaler's work will be on view at AlanAvery Art Company through February 10, 2012. “

Helen Frankenthaler, has always been one of my favorite artist. Not only did I respect her courage to express herself in such a minimal way, but also because she opened doors for so many contemporary women artists. Helen’s recent passing, along with so many creative giants that have inspired me, is a reminder that my time is limited and I should make every moment a renewed dedication to creativity.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Happy Holidays

                                                      ' Look for the Joy'                       Eva Macie©

I have been slow about getting my Christmas greetings and gifts out this year. My posting has taken a back seat to everything. With only a few days left, I thought I should post before the Holidays are over. I created a digital card from my Citra Solv® papers and some photos along with a watercolor of a cardinal I created for my card last year.

I wish all of my friends, followers and those who have just dropped by for a look, a Very Merry and Blessed Christmas, Holiday and New Year. May your days be filled with love, good health and creativity!


Sunday, December 04, 2011

Citra Solv Award

                                                      Citra Autumn     8"x10.5"   EvaMacie ©

I am so pleased to announce that my Citra Solv® collage ‘Citra Autumn’ recently was a runner-up in the “Falling into Art” contest sponsored by Citra Solv®. I am grateful for this award! This is the first time I have ever created a scene in collage, and I found it fascinating, but a bit challenging. It reminded me of a jigsaw puzzle, trying to find just the right color and texture in my stash of altered National Geographic pages. I used a black sheet of Arches cover paper for the base sheet and left some of the paper showing to create line and emphasis. I also drew some of the tree limbs with a dark Pitt pen. Maybe someday I will create something that will win a place award. It is always fun to have a goal isn’t it?
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