Sunday, January 26, 2014

What do you see?

I am still playing in PainterX3 and I wanted something for a background. Going through my scans of alcohol ink paintings on Yupo, I found this one. I am not one to look for hidden images or things in my abstract paintings, as it is rarely my reason for creating the painting. However, when I opened this in Painter I saw something in this that I did not notice before. What do you think I saw?

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Graphic Grunge

Some of the things I am trying to achieve, using Painter X3, are the look of traditional materials. Of course, my biggest obstacle is learning how to use this complicated program and managing all of the brush controls. That is why I am taking an online class.

Previously I painted a semi realistic oil sketch, Old Street Woman’. Since I felt I achieved the look of traditional oil paint, I decided this time to be more abstract and graphic. I chose to use line, just as I would with thin paint, markers, pastel and other materials. I also wanted a grunge effect that I admire in works of other graphic artists. I really liked the messy, spontaneous results. I plan to explore more ways to paint in this style.

Sunday, January 12, 2014

Lesson 3

I just finished the third and final lesson in the Painter X3 class. Although I have painted portraits in Photoshop, I know so little about Painter X3. I really struggle following instructions of any kind. I am such am impatient person that I rush right in and start painting, putting the cart before the horse, and then I get lost. Somehow, I managed to paint something that I satisfied me.

I found my model at The images at this site are copyright free for others to use. My model was much older, or should I say had more and deeper wrinkles than I painted, but being very conscious of my own, I guess, I left most of them out. 

I really need to paint more of these to understand exactly how Painter X3 works, but finding interesting models is a bit challenging. I have a few ideas I want to try. In the meantime, there is always still life.

Monday, January 06, 2014

Winter classes

Now that the freezing weather has arrived my studio in the basement is not my favorite place to be. This is when I join online classes. I am taking another digital painting class taught by Karen Bonaker at her Digital art Academy. 
What I love about this class is that it is not about duplicating photos, it is more about using them as inspiration as you would if you were working from an actual setup or scene.
Our subject was a photo of a single green pear in a plain background. We were to be as creative as possible with it. Because I am a fan of Matisse, I wanted the heavy line work and bold colors. I did so many things to this painting and used so many different types of brushes that I am not sure I can duplicate or accurately describe how I painted it!

Wednesday, January 01, 2014


Jeju Island South Korea                          Branden Macie


My grandson, Branden Macie, is teaching English in South Korea. He took this amazing photo and is using it as his banner on his Facebook page. I was so inspired by it that I thought it would be a great one to illustrate the beginning of a new year or the last light of the old one.
I wish everyone that has been so patient with me and my lack of activity here, the very best New Year ever. I hope we can all appreciate that opportunity we have to greet each day as a new beginning, one day and moment at a time.