Thursday, October 30, 2014

Happy Halloween

I hope everyone’s ready for the little goblins that will be knocking on our doors for treats. We don’t usually have a lot of children coming around, but it picked up last year. It makes it hard to know how much candy to buy and we are often left with more than we need to be eating. I tried to avoid eating the extras as much as possible but it’s hard to resist. Fortunately, my son’s sweet tooth takes care of it.

I have been creating textured papers with the CitraSolv® process that I wrote about in my eBook. (Sale ends tomorrow night, October 31) I scan them into the computer and use them with my digital art as well as my mixed media pieces. Currently the artist in the Digital Art Academy Facebook group have been painting pumpkins. Above is a piece I created using one of my digital papers as the background.

Tuesday, October 07, 2014

CitraSolv® Artist Kathy Ganong

Indian Maiden

  Copyrighted by Kathi Ganong

When I first introduced my friend Kathi Ganong to CitraSolv® I had no idea how wonderfully creative she would be with the pages she created with the solvent. Kathi is super digital artist that paints pet portraits professionally. You can see some of pet portraits on her webpage at

Kathi uses Painter 15 and Adobe Photoshop to create her digital paintings on the CitraSolv® backgrounds. I am thrilled that she has done so well with the CitraSolv® techniques that she learned from my eBook “Dissolve It~Resolve It” and incorporated them in her digital art. Bravo Kathi!
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