Sunday, November 11, 2018

When will I learn?

I don’t know when I am going to learn not to take a class at the Spruill art Center in Dunwoody, Georgia. They are expensive and not anything like I expect. I spent a whole Saturday listening to a woman my age brag about her photography, her smart phones and digital tablets. She did not demonstrate anything, but showed some slides of her work and just gave handouts with some photograph filters apps she recommended. She sent us out to photograph things in and around the center then that was it! No critique, nothing. One of the women sitting next to me who saw some of my photo art on my iPad asked if I would teach a class about doing that. Believe me I was tempted. I know they would get more than their money’s worth from me.

Here is a photo I took at the center in their pottery class. I played with it when I got home with iColorama and Procreate. Neither of these apps were known to the Spruill instructor. I doubt if she would even be interested in this type of digital creation.
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