Sunday, July 16, 2006

Summer Burn-Out

My watercolor alumni group chose vegetables as this month’s watercolor challenge. I painted the few veggies that have survived this year’s crazy weather. My garden looks much like I have been feeling; “burnt-out”! There are too many projects and then interruptions when I do get involved with one. For instance, I just received an email saying the free HP eBay course I signed up for months ago is now starting! Like I need another project now! However since it took so long to get in I feel the need to do it. So I’m off again in another direction, but with much less enthusiasm!

Monday, July 10, 2006

4th of July Fallout

Every 4th of July my neighborhood fills with cars to view the fireworks from the local park. The past couple of years the rain has postponed the show to the following weekend. Fewer people show up and I reap the benefits of having my street side view to myself with only the trees blocking some if the action. Fun for the moment, but the holiday interruption is a headache. I realize most people look forward to the long weekend, but some how the weekend spills over into the rest of the week and it’s nearly impossible to get things back on track. Much like the interruptions I’ve had with my projects. I’m still trying to finish the graduation videos I started for my grandchildren. Constant interruptions, delays and software crashes made me shelve this project for a while and I’ve started working on some digital collages requested by a local publisher, but the holidays have broken down the communication with them! They are all behind due to the break. Forget the fireworks, I feel like exploding. Grrrr!! I’ll take this time to get back the unfinished kitchen.
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