Sunday, December 21, 2008

Creating Your Christmas Card

There is some little rascal in me that manages to come up with some outrageous last minute project. Instead of just painting and printing my Christmas card this year I tried to create a video of painting it.. I failed! My inexpensive camera and poor lighting made the task impossible! Determined not to give up I decided to create and record it in Adobe Photoshop ™. I have made slide shows before, but I never recorded my actions in Photoshop. I spent three days consumed in a maze of pixels and layers, brushes and palettes, edit and undo. The next challenge was exporting it to Windows Movie Maker ™ to make the video. I found a wonderful old Bing Crosby sound track and did my best to match the video length with the old tinny audio. I hope that you enjoy it, knowing it was created for all of you with love and wishes for a blessed Christmas and a happier and wiser New Year!.......BTW, after watching my video (yes, I left out a word in the credits), you may want to view the old Bing Crosby movie clip, if it’s still there, on YouTube :-)

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  1. Wow! You did out do yourself on this one! I use Elements, but I haven't tried this. Not sure I'm up to it. Have a great Christmas Eva!


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