Thursday, June 18, 2009

Bring Back to Square One

My prize winning painting, "Moving Back To Square One", is missing. The last time I saw it was when I went to pick it up after the show at the Atlanta Artist Center. This was the same time I picked up and sold the “stimulus” painting I wrote about earlier. In the confusion and excitement of the sale, I lost track of it. I have search everywhere, my home, my car and both of my art associations. Nada, it is not to be found. Although I have a large canvas giclee of this painting, I would love to know where the original is. I hope if someone has it, they will enjoy it as much as they felt they needed it.


  1. That's really sad Eva however don't give up finding it somewhere at home. I have lost things before when I have put them in a safe place or put them somewhere unusual when I was distracted. I hope that where ever it is, it finds its way back to you soon.

  2. I admire your attitude, Eva. Your spirit is evident in your paintings, and for someone to steal one indicates that their spirit is quite emaciated.

    You have put it up here: we will all be watching out for it.

  3. doesn't that just kill you.... I have a similar situation and the bad part id you don't know who to be angry at......I have a feeling you'll find it though...

  4. Thank you everyone for your concern and support.
    The good news the painting has been found!! It was buried in an art bin at the Atlanta, Artists Center!Go figure {:O)

  5. It is good to know the painting has been found. I know what one not only feels but goes through for years to come. Though I am an artist, two guitars of mine were once stolen and to this remain lost. I considered them my children with whom I had good times. The guitars were also my best friend, through sadness and joy, they were there for me. I wrote much poetry and songs.
    So when a painting is lost or stolen, it is as if part of you has been cut out and that part cannot be replaced. Therefore I am truly happy your painting was found for no one should be submitted to internal pain.

  6. I appreciate your comments and great insight to feelings of lost. I certainly can relate to yours. I found your blog today as I was surfing the net, taking a break from my studio cleaning. I look forward to having the time to explore it more.


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