Friday, January 15, 2010

A New Creative Year

On January 2nd I received an email from an artist, Beverly McLarty, who just moved here from Arkansas and wanted to meet me. Beverly included a link to her site. I was very impressed with her work. The sheer volume of the pieces she has created amazed me. Her energy and productivity are unbelievable. In the short time Beverly has been in Atlanta, she has located and joined an art association, acquired a student and is now building a new studio!
Beverly’s paintings are very complex, with rich surface texture and color. Her figurative pieces are just as lush. The figures weave throughout the surface like brocade. Sometimes feeling like the works of some of the Symbolists such as Odilon Redon and Paul Gauguin’s painting “Where Do We Come From. What Are We, Where Are We Going?”
We are fortunate to have this talented, ambitious woman living in the Atlanta area. I’m looking forward to a rich friendship with Beverly and a very creative New Year.


  1. Yes, the painting looks great, i go visiting her site to see more of her work.
    What a lovely beginning of the new year: a new friendship which promises creativity and more....

  2. I agree Momo Luna, I'm blessed to have her as a new friend.

  3. Hi Eva !! it is very nice to meet your blog and the works you have posted here .

    see you !!

  4. Hi Eva, What a thoughtful introduction to Beverly McLarty and her work! And, it does look stunning! The color, movement and gesture! Thank you!

  5. Nice to meet you Caio, and your blog. Very powerful work.

  6. Thank you Peggy. I know Beverly will appreciate your comments too.

  7. Atlanta seems to be another hub for the arts like NYC and San Francisco. My friend from High School lives in Atlanta and she designs silk scarves, paints and sculpts. Must be the water..

  8. Compared to NYC, Miami and San Francisco, Atlanta is a very poor Fine Art market. Wearable art, jewelry and antiques may be the exceptions. A number of our top galleries have closed.

  9. I was just in Atlanta--- well only as a layover on my way to teach a workshop in Florida-- but I do agree with you-- Barbara has lush, colorful, expressive paintings.

  10. Greeting Eve,

    Your guest artist does indeed produce interesting art.

    When you mention that Atlanta a number of galleries have closed, the same goes for the Bay Area and unless one has a following and a list of previous buyers, it is even harder to obtain gallery representation during these economic times.

    Thank you for sharing,

  11. Donna,I hope you didn't go out of the airport as our weather has been dreadful.Hope your workshop went well. Thanks for commenting.

  12. Hello Egmont,
    Thank you for commenting on my friend's work. I'm sure she will be pleased.
    Yes, I understand that the art scene all over the US is feeling the economy. I feel fortunate to be retired now.

  13. Me, Beverly, lucky to find "the artist" Eva. I knew once I found the artists I would be okay.
    Lonely, but not for long once you meet the gang.
    Artists are just the best. There's never an age barrier. I'm glad I've found her. A very strange thing happens to me with this name "Barbara". I've always been called Barbara for some weird reason I don't know. I have a sister named Barbara, but the people who call me that don't know it. A mystery. anyway, I thank you all for your kind words and look forward to
    getting some of my work out there. As soon as I get a body of work done. I've left all my work at the galleries in Arkansas, from whence I've come. But I am prolific, so it shouldn't be too long before I'm slinging paint again. Hope to knock about the galleries with Eva


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