Saturday, June 25, 2011

Anne Bagby Inspired Collage

                                      'Kimono'   "12 x12"  mixed media collage     Eva Macie ©

My gift boxes arrived from Creative Catalyst Productions and I was thrilled with all the goodies in them. There were Golden fluid acrylics, paint applicators, Creatology foam sheets, Lineco Tissues, deli wax papers, a Moo carving block, alphabet stencils, a 12"x 12" streched canvas and a Shirley Trevena’s DVD to replace the Anne Bagby DVD that I had previously purchased. Wow! Like the boxes, that was a sentence full! Needles to say, I was eager to start using my new products, but I wanted some of Anne’s instructions to guide me. I immediately reviewed Anne’s wonderful DVDs, ‘Collage: Paper, Patterns & Glazing’ and ‘Pattern & Form: Advanced Collage Techniques’.

I decided to create a 12" x 12" foam stamp using the craft adhesive backed foam sheets. One cut into the buttery foam and I was hooked! I spent hours, totally mesmerized, cutting little shapes and sticking them onto a chipboard backing. Anne used canvas board, which would have been a better choice because the adhesive pieces may have easier to reposition. In addition, it also may have warped less with all of the wet paint applications. I mixed all of my paint as Anne suggested, cut and ironed a stack of tissue paper and began pulling prints.

After looking at the variety of prints I pulled from my foam stamp, I chose one with a circle shape that I blocked out on the stamp . It looked Asian to me so I decided use kimono as my theme. I applied a glaze I made, similar to Golden’s asphaltum, to the printed tissue and then I stenciled the words ’KIMONO’. I created the kimono from one of my Citra Solv papers, which I printed on a label and collaged this to the tissue print.

For some reason the pictures I took did not come out well. The colors were totally off. I tried to correct this in Photoshop, but only made them worse. Honestly, the actual print looks much richer. I will mount this either on the canvas I received or rag board, then coat it with a satin acrylic varnish.

You can see the techniques I used in the free preview at  Creative Catalyst Productions


  1. I love the layers and depth of this collage.

  2. This is a really beautiful piece, Eva.

  3. Stunning it is! Wish you could share a video of your process here Eva!

  4. Robin, Hallie and Padjmaja. I really appreciate your kind comments. As for me making a video of making these prints, you would have fallen asleep as I was so slow. I've made You Tube videos,but it really inhibits me.

  5. I am always smitten by anything that has a slightly Asian look. This kimono is stunning! I love the patterning from the citra solv, looks like an intricate floral pattern you might find on a kimono. The background is perfect for it. A lovely piece.

    I've gotta stop using the citra solv to scrub my cedar siding and start having fun with it.

  6. Thank you Carole. Living in Japan for a few years when I was a young girl made a lasting impression on me. For me, Citra Solv papers for some reason seem to work with Asian themes.

  7. Eva, Citra Solv papers really do work with Asian themes. Love the colours and the depth you've created.


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