Thursday, September 15, 2011

The comfort of the familiar.

One of my birthday gifts, instead of the recliner, which I returned, may be an upgrade to my old Painter3 program. I started out using Painter before Photoshop, but never got very far with it. At the time printer’s print resolution was so poor I could not see the point of fooling with it. I was too busy with painting art for shows and my agent's clients. Because of my brief professional affair with photography, I was determined to learn Photoshop, and I never thought about Painter again.
Surfing YouTube for new Photoshop techniques, I discovered the Painter12 video above. I was intrigued and downloaded a trial program. It is different from Painter3 and even more complicated. I tried referring to my old Painter books to navigate it, but the changes are not making that easy. This past week I just kicked back in my 'old recliner' (yes, the new one did not work out. It was really too short for my lanky legs). I have been watching videos at the Corel® site and on You Tube. The videos gave my corporal tunneled hands a rest, but my eyes and brain are stressed to the max!
My conclusion is Photoshop has the edge on some of the actions. Both programs, however, have techniques that the other seems unable to do without being a master of the programs. For that reason, Painter users often rely on Photoshop. I am wondering if Painter for me will go the way of the new recliner and rejected in favor of the comfort of the familiar.


  1. That's pretty amazing!
    I'm not sure I have the energy to add this to my world. Glad to hear your hands are rested but not such good news about your eyes and brain! Will you keep looking for the perfect recliner or the perfect program? Take care.

  2. Hi Carole, I will probably keep my eyes open for the perfect recliner, but continue to patch up 'old Betsy'. I really dreaded putting her on the curb. As for Painter12, I still have time on my free trail period to play with it. I may decide I really like it once I get through the learning curve.

  3. He Eva. I had Corel Draw graphics Suite 12, which included Photo/paint on my old computer. It came with a huge book and I learned some parts. Now we have a new computer and I have not even attempted to load that program; I know there will be some kind of hassle. I get really frustrated with new things--I don't like have to re-learn; I wish I could turn the clock back--I'd keep the old slow computer. Speed doesn't help when I don't know what I'm doing!

  4. I agree with Hallie - I get frustrated with new things too. But... in this world of increasingly amazing technology, it would be negligent to not make an attempt to learn bits and pieces of the new things out there. Personally, I only use photoshop elements and specifically use it to resize jpgs for show submissions. I still have not figured out how to build layers for simple card designs! What I do use though, is my unlimited lessons (offered for $99/yr) available at the local Apple store when I need to understand something new with my computer, because I need the human being factor in order to truly open myself to learning new techie things. Maybe there is a class you can take, Eva?

  5. > Hallie, I am like you, change doesn't come easy to me. I have two desk top computers that I use now. The newer one is in my studio and the one I use the most is older and slower. It sits by my old recliner. Guess which one I use the most? :O)

    >Robin, I am planning to take a Painter12 digital watercolor class that starts in Oct. However. not any digital program will ever replace hands on creating for me. I really think it is for illustrators and conceptional artists. The only good thing about it is that you can undo and mistake you 'think' you've made. I'm not really sure that's a good thing. Too many neat things have come out of mess ups. However, it's great for scanning/photograph real work and trying to see and correct the mistakes before preceding.

  6. I wish I had the patience to sit down with these wonderful programs...I watched the video and can see some interesting applications. You seem to have Photoshop working well for you!
    Easier to return than a recliner.
    I need a new chair but have been putting off the search is tricky!

  7. Hi Mary Ann. Yes, I love Photoshop and I may come to enjoy Painter just as much, but neither program will replace the real thing. Good luck on the chair hunt. I really dislike returning things. It cost me $50.00 for return shipping!!

  8. I envy that you can take a class to learn some techniques. Living in a small town our tech college is VERY limited. Utube is a great way to learn everything. I taught myself to knit from Utube. I am remedial Photoshop and long to learn lots more. Maybe YOU can do some Utube stuff for small projects if you don't already have enough to do:-)

  9. Tammie, I'm planning on taking an online class in Oct. Unfortunately I will be having cataract surgery at the same time so it may be a problem. I learned most of Photoshop from watching You Tube. I love it! I have a few videos there too.


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