Friday, March 07, 2014

Provence in Pastel

I toured France in the late 90’s and took hundreds of photos. I thought it would be interesting to paint some of them with digital pastels. This first attempt was from a photo taken in one of the many Provence villages I visited. It is a bit overworked for my taste, but I decided to go ahead and post it. I may redo it after I experiment with some more photos. The program I used was Painter X3 and its default pastels.


  1. Hi Eva. For some reason you blog hasn't been showing up in my reading list BUT it's fixed so I've had a good catch up. My goodness you've been busy! I'm intrigued with your painting program. You create such cool effects in your photos. Hey, lucky you, traveling through France. I've been to Paris twice. Once for 5 days and another time for 5 weeks (apartment sitting with two friends). Please show us more of you France photos!

  2. Hi Carole. Nice to see you again.Lucky you to spend so much time in Paris. I was there once for a week and really enjoyed it. Paris was too expensive to enjoy eating in the little cafes so we cooked in our little cramped room that we rented.
    I am working on some more of these images from France with digital pastels. Thanks for your comments and support.

  3. Thanks Brenda! ★* *★


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