Tuesday, June 17, 2014

CitraSolv® eBook Procastination

I am at the point now writing the CitraSolv® eBook about my techniques is getting harder to keep my attention on the task. My mind wonders to things like the form it will take. Will it be a PDF eBook or a Kindle? Kindle has free apps for iPads, Androids, PCs and Macs, plus they have a large market, but they charge a hefty commission to sell it.

I have also thought about having an online class, but I do not like to work in front of a camera or record as I work. In addition, it takes forever to edit the recording that I dislike intensely.  I thought of making a slide show like some of the YouTube videos I made. That is not so bad because I just take shots and they are easy to edit.

Okay, I need to stop procrastinating and get back to my studio. I have the next exercise waiting on my workspace. I would appreciate your thoughts on this.


  1. Eva, have you read the book "war of art". Its all about overcoming the resistance of your chosen craft. Might be what you need right now.

  2. Thank you Debbie for your suggestion. Yes, I do have that book, but if I stop to read it I may never get back to my book. It's a catch 22. ;-)

  3. I look forward to your e book Eva, personally I would love to have an online class!

  4. Thank you Padmaja. My eBook is slowly coming together,but I am becoming very weary of it. I have never done anything like this so I have no idea what I am doing. I just put one thought down at a time. I doubt very seriously if there will be a class.


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