Saturday, December 03, 2005

Creative procrastination

It never fails as art show deadlines approach, I completely change directions. I call it creative procrastination. I’m guessing it has a lot to do with fear of failure. Whatever……this time when I was looking for a frame to salvage from my old stashed work, I came across a drawing I did in 1979. It had turn yellow with age and the patina totally intrigued me. The drawing was done over gesso and sand that was randomly brushed across the paper. I remember I spent hours drawing, picking and “noodling” with pencil in the negative spaces left by the brush marks. Seeing it again, the organic feel of the drawing reminded me of some sort of nest materials. Probably because I’ve had birds on my mind lately as subject matter. I photographed the drawing and uploaded it to Photoshop and began composing a new work of art on this background. I scanned in a picture of a crow, and pasted it three times across the image then added the graphics I created with Illustrator. When I was satisfied with the composition I duplicated the results on the actual drawing with pencil and collage. I titled the new image "Nesters", framed it and took it to the show for judging.

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