Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Spring fever in December

Looking at all the brown I've displayed on this blog and the brown leaves outside my window makes me wish for spring again. I realize most people are looking forward to the Holidays, but it can become a very stressful for a lot of us. One of the ways I enjoy relieving stress is to play with an online painting program When I first discovered this program I decided to do at least one painting a day. Unfortunately I became so addicted to it I couldn’t stop at just one and the day would get away from me. I decided to put the fun aside for awhile, but saved most of the ones I created .

Today I wanted to play with the pixels again so I opened up my files of online paintings. I’m rarely satisfied with them as finished works but they make great starting points for more involved digital paintings which I create with Photoshop and Painter. Today’s image was created this way. Some time during the painting process it started to remind me of a stream or brook with tender wild flowers growing along side. I "pushed" the pixels and the result is the painting you see here, "Brookside". It was fun and the boring brown is gone.

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  1. Since I'm new to all of this I decided to leave myself a comment just to observe the process. My comments about this blog is that it's obvious I have a lot to learn.


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