Saturday, September 20, 2008

Back To Square One, Rocks

One of the advantages of retiring from the art show circuit is the freedom from painting in a style expected of me, which has been mostly acrylic abstracts and mix media art. Recently, after watching all the painters on YouTube, my interest in oil painting returned, especially still life painting. Since it had been so long since I worked with oils, I decided to start with something simple, like rocks. I was surprised how much I had forgotten about painting with oils and that rocks are not as simple to paint as they look! I made it doubly hard by painting on the absorbent raw side of the canvas. I chose this side because the color and surface texture intrigued me. My next challenge was to make my rocks, (that were beginning to look like a potato on a hunk of cheese), look like the rocks in front of me. After painting and picking for most of the day I decided to stop, add a touch of the unexpected, the tag, and sign it!

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