Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Art Critic

I recently attended a National Art Show. I was looking forward to seeing this show as the judge was a museum curator who oversees the museum’s contemporary art program. You can imagine how disappointed I was to see only a few pieces that were interesting and exciting. The majority of the work was very conservative and traditional in technique. I questioned why the judge played it so safe. Did this show really represent her taste and professional judgment? Was she trying to please the more conservative members of the association that was sponsoring the show and advised about the kind of work she should pick? Is it possible, though questionable, out of over 600 entries she really did not have much choice? There were, to her credit, one or two controversial pieces, but overall it was a ho hum show and I left uninspired, confused and disappointed. It made me aware that we should never allow any judges’ opinion of our work affect us. You never know where it’s coming from. The circumstances dictate more than we know.


  1. Yeah, like McCain's Choice for VP. Scarey!!BTW I'm enjoying your blog.

  2. My thoughts were exactly the same as yours Eva. The show was very disappointing, as is the current November show at the same place. Lots of heavy gold ornate frames and very traditional art, the same sort of work that, although technically well done, has been seen and done so many times before. It's time for some exciting fresh work to be shown.


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