Friday, March 27, 2009

Evening Shadows

Recently someone asked me if I painted portraits. I told them my portrait art was limited to digital painting in Photoshop and Painter, two of my favorite computer programs. He was agreeable to let me try it. I worked all day on the wonderful family photo taken in their kitchen. My biggest challenge was what to do with the kitchen cabinets. I finally came up with a promising solution, but when I enlarged it to print size, I was shocked at all the mistakes and mess I had made! My eyesight has aged as fast as I have! It is hard to accept that I am in the evening of my life. Like the shadows that I cast I hardly recognize the woman I use to be!


  1. I really resonated with your posting about getting old and the problems it brings. I too am finding the whole thing very frustrating. However Eva, your work is always exciting and youthful. I really enjoy reading your blog and seeing how you try new approaches and keep up with the new technology. Way to go!!!

  2. Thank you Suzanne. I enjoy your work and blog too!

  3. Aging sucks for sure!!
    I recently had cataract surgery and was totally blown away with the colors I was missing. The doctor replaced the lens in my eyes with Rx lens. I only have to wear reading glasses now. The whites are dazzling. All the cool colors are like wow. Best thing I ever did!


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