Monday, April 06, 2009


Saturday, I went to the Atlanta Artists Center to submit work for this month’s show and pick up some from previous ones. At the last minute, I decided to include a realistic oil rock study. I blogged about it on September 20, 2008, “ Back To Square One, Rocks”. While I was at the gallery, another artist introduced herself saying she admired my work and was happy finally to put a face with the name. To add to the delightful moment she decided to buy the piece I was picking up,(shown here.) When I returned home, I received a call from the gallery saying the “Rock Study” painting won an Honorable Mention with a small cash prize! Now that is the kind of stimulus package I like. Not only did I earn it, it motivated me to continue create!


  1. Good job,girl! I like it!
    I've got stuff on Etsy, but have yet to sell anything.Doug

  2. EMA
    Absolutely breaktaking!!

    LOVE LOVe loVe IT.

  3. Thank you both for your kind words. They keep my brushes flowing!

  4. Congratulations Eva! The piece looks great in the photo and I look forward to seeing both you and the painting at the opening on Saturday. Congrats too on selling it! I was also pleased when I found out that I had won an honorable Mention too.

  5. I love this painting..very well done....the colors are yummy

  6. Ah, Eva! This is the painting I bought from you that hangs in my bedroom! I love to look at it every morning after waking up and at night before I go to sleep!

    I'm so glad to have met you!

    Linda Foltz

  7. Hi Linda!, Glad you stopped by and I am very please that you are happy with the painting. Thank you!!


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