Friday, September 04, 2009


I recently entered another online challenge. The challenge was to create a modern twist on Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Artists have done this many times over the years, so coming up with something new was a challenge in itself. Lisa Patencio’s video on YouTube was my inspiration, and possibly by the fact that lately I have not been able to work in my studio without a mask.

Because of the wetter spring and summer this year, my basement has been mustier than usual. A month ago, I decided to try to remedy it by cleaning up any suspect areas. I opened an old trunk filled with some old art booklets. I was shocked how musty everything was. Immediately I removed the books and dusted out the residue without gloves or a dust mask. Then I sprayed it with an aerosol Lysol. The spray blew the spores all over me and released them into the room. The next day I was wheezing, a rash covered my arms, and my basement was mustier than ever. I bought another dehumidifier, replaced all the filters with HEPA filters, and now I am preparing to fog the whole basement using a mold control fogger from Home Depot. I hope after this I will be able to work in my studio again without a mask!


  1. What an awful mess in your studio...needing to wear a mask and all! My studio is right in the center of my home so I need to be careful on what I use...sprays etc.
    I like this mask, very clever.
    Thanks for visiting me, I will be back!

  2. I have found that if you wrap your booklets in plastic wrap and then freeze - you will kill the spores and be able to enjoy your treasures again - totally works on old bound books from the basement...

    However, I do not recommend wrapping and freezing yourself. :-)

  3. LOL Kathryn :O) I've stored the booklets in a large plastic tub with kitty litter. Guess I'll put them out side this winter when it gets down to freezing. Thanks for the tip.


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