Monday, August 24, 2009

Scanner Art

Recently I participated in a scanner art challenge with an online artist’s group. The only requirement was that we had to use some part of the face or hands. One scan of my face and I knew that my hands would have to be the subject. I was surprised to see my hands were as upsetting as my face. Photograph a body part pressed downward against a piece of glass and it becomes bizarre to say the least. Wrinkles become huge folds that seem to melt into puddles of flesh. The only solution was to the rest my hand on something so it would not touch the glass without any excess weight. Frames were my solution, albeit they still required more tricks than I had imagined. On the second go around, we enhanced our scans with Photoshop. In the end, I was pleased enough with them that I chose the hand with brushes as my avatar.


  1. I too am interested in scanner art -something more to make time for! Intriguing to read of your discovery process.

  2. Thank you Leslie for becoming a follower. I just recently added this gadget to my site. I'm just learning about all the clever things we can do here. I love your blog and your collages. I'm looking forward to doing more of them myself.

  3. I like how you resolved the scanned hand problem. I have used my own hand prints in some of my paintings when I was exploring 'identity' in my work. But I did not scan them-- put paint on my palms and printed them. It reminded me of finger painting days as a child.

  4. I appreciate you following me, Layers. I love your blog and have found some gems in the other blogs you link to..Thanks! Yes, I have done some hand mono-prints also and thought about painting my hands for the scanner images, but after messing with all the frames, etc, I was pretty tired of the whole scanner thing :O)

  5. Love your scanner art (we belong to the same group) I too hated my face scan so I scanned my hand with brushes also. Maybe I'll post it some day. Your scan is better than mine.

    Thanks for the mold control info. What a mess.

  6. Thanks Cory. I haven't participated much this month as I'm not into the ghoulish Halloween thing.Guess my age is showing :O)


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