Friday, December 18, 2009

Recycled Again

One of my favorite and respected follows, Egmont van Dyck, left a helpful critique (see comments) of my recycled mixed media piece “Recycled”. I agree with what he had to say, but I am not sure I have accomplished what he suggested. The red crosshairs are merely guidelines to show that I have moved the focal point by cropping the piece. I eliminated the large black area by adding more of the dark gray collage paper and added accents of the other colors. I left the large blue gray area untouched to maintain some area of rest and the sliver of black for balance. I think I can live with this for now and will put it away until the mood to revisit hits me again.


  1. Dear Eva,

    Sometimes I do not know if I should ever comment on someone's artwork by giving it a critique because I do not know how it will be received. Art is such a personal 'thing' and yet there are guidelines. These guidelines can be challenged, establishing a new set of 'understanding', thereby art evolves in its evolution.

    You clearly have achieved greater compositional balance, tension and drama then that which you had before. You have also accomplished a little more of the 40/60 horizontal composition as the eye now focuses more just to the left of the center, where a number of the elements come together. Now there is greater movement, as the eye is being lead throughout the artwork.

    The credit is ours, because it is by your hand and mind that it now has come together.

    Warmest regards

  2. Dear Egmont,
    I understand about being hesitant about giving a critique. It is difficult for me also. See my July post “Older, but Wiser” post However, I, for one, am always open to a thoughtful critique. I do not always agree with it, but in this case, I saw your point. I was aware that I had created an axial obvious composition. I hoped the dark area would counter act the pull, but as you observed, it overpowered it. Thanks to you, I think the new piece is far more interesting. As I said in my post, I will put it aside and look at it with fresh eyes another time.
    Thanks again,

  3. I love your new improved mixed media piece!

  4. This was an interesting post Eva. You are lucky to have someone who is interested and knowlegable enough to give a good critique. I have to agree that I like it better without the very strong black. I look forward to seeing all the wonderful new pieces that you will create in 2010. Have a lovely time over the holidays.

  5. Thank you Susanne. Yes, Egmont is very knowledgeable and has a good eye. Sometimes I get too close to my own work to see the obvious and often fall into the previous investment trap.
    For some reason the feed to your blog quit notifying me. I'm glad you commented so I could visit it again. Loved the Slide presentation.
    Have a wonderful Holiday!

  6. Egmont is someone who I respect, despite having met him only recently. I am glad when he visits.

    There is an issue with art blogs - one is that people just state that they like what you/one have posted.

    It would be wonderful to have a small clique who provide true honest kind critique. And who correct my spelling....

    Regards. John

  7. Your toning down the black shape and relating it to the other neutrals worked nicely! I like the wavy line of dots that connects the two neutral shapes along the top. It seems to relate very nicely, with an organic feel, as if you might have seen this in nature some where.

    Interesting post and comments!

  8. I agree John. I appreciate Egmont's critiques and observations.I feel he does it out of respect and he certainly has the knowledge. However I'd be a lost cause he started critiquing my spelling and grammar! :O)

  9. You have a sharp eye Peggy.I am pleased that you like the revision. Thank you for commenting.
    Yes, Egmont's critique has made this all very interesting. I hope everyone visits his fascinating blogs.

  10. I like this re-focused piece...a better balance all around. I agree about putting it away for awhile...returning later to make sure it's done! Lovely.

  11. Thank you Bluesky Dreamimg. Yes, after I compared it to the first one I realized I must have been asleep at the easel :O)


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