Monday, December 14, 2009


As another year comes closer to the end, prompted by an online mixed media class, I started reevaluating some of the pieces I had set aside to revisit. It is interesting to see these pieces with new eyes. Not worrying about the consumer market has freed up my thinking. The piece I am showing, titled "Recycling", was cropped from a larger piece and a small piece of additional collage was added to break up a shape.


  1. Dear Eva, It is nice to see you posting again and I am playing catch up from having been away for two weeks and now trying to get back into my usual routine.

    I have looked at the artwork for a while now and though I wish I could view it larger to better analyze your artwork. Forgive my honesty when I tell you that in my opinion, the artwork feels incomplete, struggling with some of the elements over balance, especially the black area.

    Review the elements and the direction they are taking the viewer, as currently all movement is towards the center, but my eyes keep traveling towards the upper left side and leaving the canvas.

    The goal is to achieve movement to various points in a painting and keeping the viewers interest.

    Like I mentioned, to me the artwork feels unfinished, needing only a few adjustments.

    Warmest regards this holiday session,

  2. Thank you for your critique Egmont. I appreciate your input and will certainly reevaluate this piece. I am so overwhelmed with last minute Christmas preparations that it may be a while before I get to it, but I promise to do so and possibly post the results. :O)


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