Sunday, November 14, 2010

Reality or Illusion

Sudoku is not my excuse this time for my absence. I have been reading and studying spirituality and quantum physics. I still do not understand much of what I am reading, but I am definitely fascinated. I am not going to defend or try to start a religious discussion, as I think everyone is entitled to believe as they chose, including myself. However, it brought up in my mind the illusion of art. I do not remember which artist, maybe Picasso, when a critic said his portrait did not look anything like a woman, replied, “That is because it is not a woman, it is a painting.” Even if the artist painted a photorealist image of a woman or took a photo of her, it is all an illusion.

Since one of my computers is next to my recliner, I took a break from reading to refocus my mind and for some reason I found myself creating a Photoshop image that was a first for me. I opened a file of a Yupo painting I did earlier in the year to see if it needed any further editing. I will post it in another post. After I played with it awhile, for some reason I added a new layer, filled it with white and began to erase areas with different brushes, some of which I created. Intrigued, I started cloning and painting new shapes. I am excited about the possibilities this opened up. My mind then associated all of this to what I have been reading, reality vs illusion. What I did was manipulate pixels, not paint, which are a tiny dots of light that are the basic unit from which images appear on the computer. For more information click HERE All of which, to my limited knowledge, consist of a binary code made up of 0’s and 1’s. I know someone reading this will say I don’t know what I’m talking about and they would be right. However, this much I do know; it is not acrylic or watercolor paint. Other artists, like Vik Muniz, who is using things like sugar and chocolate syrup to create images, and mosaic artist Ken Knowlton , who create portraits form various materials based on the pixels he generates in his computer, are masters of this art of illusion. A great book, which features these and other great artist, is Masters of Deception: Escher, Dali & the Artists of Optical Illusion.

Back to my books and disappearing into the world of words.


  1. I liked what you shared here Eva...sometimes when I introspect deep in to my past,I am more and more inclined to think that the whole life that I have played so far is an meaning to things that really meant something at that point of time... just like you played with your editor, best is to play with today and look forward to play again tomorrow!

  2. Good morning padmaja, being from the East I am sure you are very familiar with the thinking behind illusion. It's all new and fascinating to me. Thank you for your comments.

  3. I think it's all art - taking something apart (what we see with our eyes) and putting it back together in a new way. Does it matter what medium we do that in? It's a digital world, and how cool that you know how to use photoshop! Would you print this and display it or is it strictly art that will stay on your computer hard drive? I love your choice of colors in this, it makes me feel mellow.

  4. Interesting comments Robin. Thank you. I could print this image out if I increased the resolution, but I was just playing around. I have so many painting in my studio that it is nice to keep my computer creations on one of my hard drives

  5. this would make a great card. thanks for sharing your journey.

  6. I love playing in Corel, which is similar to Photoshop. I can spend hours--it's so much fun and so easy that I can't call mine art.

  7. I have Coral Painter, but rarely use it and I don't know why as there are so many things you can do easier with it than in Photoshop.The cloning brushes are fun.

  8. Greetings dear Eva,

    As I am looking over the past coup,e of your posts, I found this one exciting because it reflects one of many reasons I like digital arts possibilities. Though I still prefer real paint and canvas, digital art opens up our horizons to other possibilities to things we have not considered and since it is digital, we can make multiple copies and try different things without destroying the original, unlike with a painting.

    Congratulations to letting your mind wander and make new discoveries.

    Warmest regards this holiday season,

  9. Hi Egmont. I appreciate your comments and agree with your 'take' on digital arts.

    Happy Holidays to you also,


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