Saturday, April 20, 2013

Citrasolv, Painter12 and Apologies

I owe an apology to all of my friends and followers who posted comments. They were waiting for approval in my posting panel. Blogger used to notify me when I had comments to approve, but I must have turned off the notification as I just discovered them hidden in the tons of spam. I will try and locate and respond to your comments ASAP. Thank you so much to all of you that have put up with my lack of posting and responding. Since I have become a member of the digital art community I have neglected my blog. I hope you will continue to follow me and comment.  

I recently watched a favorite DVD again by Carla O'Conner titled Figure Design in Gouache. You can see a preview of it here and if you like it the nice thing is you can rent it. Carla's rich designs inspired me to use one of the journal pages I made with Citrasolv as a background for a figurative painting in Painter 12. Using the journal page as my canvas I proceeded to paint on top of it in another layer,( actually several) integrating the figure into the design. One of my online Painter friends said it reminded her of Klimt work. Of course I was flattered, but the repetition of the gold like shapes could make one think of Klimt. It was fun and now I am eager to create more backgrounds with Citrasolv for my Painter12 creations.


  1. Hi Eva, oh it has always been a pleasure to be here and enjoy your works, digital or otherwise.This looks very classy and mysterious. As a coincidence I started working on a similar figurative on an older abstract work, don't know when I will complete it though!

    1. Thank you Padmaja, for your constant support and nice comments.I am looking forward to seeing your new work. Last fall, before it became so cold in my studio, I played with some old abstracts on Yupo adding figurative elements to it. I may get back to that also.

  2. I thought Klimpt, too. This is beautiful--still haven't tried Citrisolve.

  3. Hi Hallie, thank you for commenting. I am flattered you thought of Klimt too.I haven't used Citrasolv in a while. I have a couple of folders of the pages I made on my computer. Better to wait until the weather improves as it's too strong to use inside for this sort of thing.

  4. I am just glad you found your messages and are posting comments again! I love yet another one of your collages, citrasolv seems to suit you.

  5. Thank you Robin. Yes, I love Citrasolv because it inspires creativity.

  6. Klimt, of course. Looks like a contemprary interpretation of Klimt. A good one.


  7. Thanks again Ewaryst. I can see some things I would have changed now that I have learned a little more about the technique. I guess we are never really satisfied.


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