Wednesday, July 03, 2013

Embrace the Shake

The illustration class I am taking at The Artist's Quarters  has  become a bit challenging for me.
I really do not have the control over the Wacom5 tablet pen for digital drawing as I do with a real
pencil. As a result I have become very frustrated and have not progressed very far with the lessons.
My lingering creative lull has not helped. Instead of creating I have just spent my spare time, when
I am not out looking for the perfect mattress, watching online videos. My son found this video and I
thought it would be a great one to share. I really enjoyed how this artist embraced his handicap and
kept on creating! Oh, the joys of being young and determined! I could use some of that in my old age.


  1. Incredibly motivating,liberating from one's limitations is tough, this done once is conquering oneself, thanks for sharing Eva.. btw loved your last post, your creative juices are very much flowing and flowing beautifully well, and I look forward to more from you all the time.

  2. Thank Padmaja. I am glad you found it inspiring. I also appreciate you sticking with me through theses dry periods of posting during the past year or so!


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