Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Yupo Revision

Cropping more old Yupo watercolor paintings into 6"x 6" pieces, I chose this piece to play with. I did not use much alcohol ink this time because I was intrigued with the colors and textures going on in the existing watercolor paint. I chose graphite pencil along with a white gel pen for the line work. 

Fonts in paintings have always fascinated me. They add contrast and bit of mystery, like a possible code. I have a rubber stamp of the word 'escape' and it seemed very descriptive of this little painting. Some stencil work and I called this one finished.


  1. love all the colors....and how you take the time to explain good to see your Art Up and Rollin :-) luv you Eva!!

  2. Thank you Pamela. I don't know what I will paint or do next as the alcohol inks are getting to me. I get a little light headed when I use them.

  3. Beautiful work -- I've only tried Yupo once or twice. Now you've inspired me to return and play some more!

  4. Thank you Kelly. Yupo is so much fun to play with. It can surprise and also challenge you at the same time if you are using watercolor. You have to go with the flow. Have fun ;-)


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