Monday, February 17, 2014

Back to Photoshop

I have not used Photoshop for painting since I started taking classes using PainterX3. There is a new member in our Digital Art Academy group on Facebook. His name is Dave Higgins, and he has created some remarkable paintings using Photoshop.

I was so inspired to try Dave’s technique that I had to try painting with Photoshop again. Unfortunately, my new computer does not have the ram that I had in my old one and it seems there are not enough slots or something (I am not knowledgeable about this) to borrow them from the old one. The lack of ram causes the mixing brushes to lag and make painting very slow and frustrating. Until I can afford to buy the right size ram, I will stick with PainterX3.

I have become very impressed with what PainterX3 can do, but learning has been difficult for me. All the panels and controls are intimidating. Taking classes has been necessary to help me navigate and I still have a long way to go.

The photo I used for this was from my huge collections of photos I took touring Europe in the 90’s. I wish I had a digital camera then. Toting all that film around and not knowing what I shot was rough and expensive. About 90% of the photos are very poor, but a lot of them may make interesting subjects to paint.

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