Monday, September 01, 2014

Artsy Fartsy Newsletter Rocks!

Here’s a toast to Robert Burridge’s newsletter, and his super wife and marketing manager Kate, for promoting my eBook, Dissolve It ~Resolve It  If you do not subscribe to it now I highly suggest you do if you love great tips and short tutorials. This issue features painting a wine bottle with three easy brushstrokes to start. Check it out here
Also, check out Bob’s website to view his fantastic paintings!

So what does this mean for my eBook? Good stuff! It also means a follow-up e-book is in the making. Who would have thought that I would become an author in my old age? Too bad I didn't major in English, but the art major has been the foundation of it all and I have few regrets. My paintings supported me for many years.


  1. Congratulations, Eva! I love Burridge, have his DVDs and get his newsletter but missed this edition somehow -- awesome news about your ebook! I'm going back to find that Artsy-Fartsy one and read up on you!

  2. Welcome back Kelly! Thanks for commenting.Yes, Robert's "shout-out" was a big boost for my eBook sales.He is the best! I have all of his DVD's too.The discount for the eBook runs out the end of this month, but I will be updating the eBook to reflex the price increase.I am working on that now.


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