Monday, February 01, 2016

Staying warm in the Blue Light

Just checking to say “Hi” and hope you are being more creative today than I have been these past few weeks. My studio is in my basement and is not very comfortable to work in this time of year. I have one of those oil space heaters, but it only heats the area around it. So unless I am really excited about something I am working on I don't go down there. 

Working at my computer has been difficult lately also.  I am dealing with headaches and eye fatigue, which I think has something to do with the computer blue light screen, especially the iPad one. I put a free blue light filter (f.lux) on my desktop PC computer which helps some, but I am waiting for the next IOS upgrade for the iPad. I understand they will have this option with it. The filter does effect the color. Everything is warmer, but hopefully our eyes can compensate for that. I am wearing sunglasses now during the day and when I use the iPad and using a lot of eye drops.

The above picture is a combination of images from and Also my Bubbles and Grunge CitraSolve texture

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