Monday, November 28, 2005

Cheap shots

For years my camera of choice was a 35mm Canon EOS and then I bumped up to the EOS Elan.. Being a die-hard 35mm-er, I bought an inexpensive digital camera solely for my computer graphics/ internet needs. It’s only recently that I’ve been tempted by the high resolution and price of quality digital cameras. A Canon Rebel would be the logical choice to make use of my large assortment of lens, however, I’m still on the fence about investing in one. All my recent pictures have been taken with a 2 megapixal, 3x zoom HP. Since I’m having so much fun with my little “cheapo” and Photoshop CS, I’m not sure now if I’ll go for the “big shooter”. I have my eye on the Olympus SP-500 UZ. It has 6 megapixals with a 10x optical/50x total zoom at about 1/3 the cost of the Canon. Decisions, decisions..

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  1. For web postings, and with Photoshop, do you really need an expensive SLR?


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