Sunday, August 03, 2008

Motivation or Inspiration

I wrote in the previous post about my search for the motivation to move my body into the studio and paint. It took the Atlanta Artist’s Center show at Binder’s Limelight Gallery submissions deadline to push me to do so. I vowed to stay there until I had three painting framed and ready to deliver to the show committee. I’m happy to say two of my pieces were selected. Deadlines and success are certainly motivators, but inspiration may be a more desirable one. It comes without bribery. It’s the rush of something new and springs from the creative center of one’s soul and imagination. Case in point: recently I went to a product demonstration of a new acrylic paint, Chroma Interactive Artist’s Acrylic. These acrylic paints are said to have the best qualities of both acrylics and oil paint. Meaning they have a long open time so they can be blended and corrected like oils, but they can also , with medium added, dry very quickly for over painting! This is an acrylic painter’s dream. Excitedly I brought home the reminder of my samples and stored them in small air tight palette with a sponge. After almost two weeks the paints have remained moist and creamy. This is inspiring! With the AAC show behind me, I’m eager to go to my studio and start creating with these new paints. I will update my results in a future post.

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