Sunday, August 10, 2008

A New Day

It’s been an interesting experience painting with the Chroma Atelier ® Interactive Artist’s Acrylic™ paints. I’ve recently learned they were made in Australia and have been around for a few years. I didn’t know they existed until I went to the demonstration and I have been eager to paint with them since then. Finally I had the time to test them by painting an abstract and record my experience. The painting was fun, but making the video was something else. First it was too long, plus my arm and hands were in the way of the camera. A true amateur! Only a fool would continue, but I’m stubborn when it comes to having a previous investment in something. The only solution was to cut the video by capturing clips, (there must be an easier way than the way I did it). I ended up with a slide show! It would have been smarter to start another painting and photograph each individual step. I’m still having problems creating a video file that can be seen clearly.The printed information on the slides is hard to read in such a small format. If you double click on the video you can go directly YouTube and this video, then click in the lower right corner to view it full screen. Unfortunately it's still a little blurry. Hopefully, in time, I'll learn how to improve on my video skills!

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