Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Advice from an Old Paint Slinger

                                   'Moving On'    12"x12" acrylic on canvas                              © Eva Macie

The sudden flurry of sales the past couple months of my paintings and prints was a reminder how important it is to stay true to one’s style. I have dabbled in just about everything since I retired from the art circuit and will continue to do so. However, it has been the work that I created and made my living with that continues to sell. If there is any advice that I could give to budding artists it would be to find you niche and grow with it. The above painting, ‘Moving On’ is a small 12”x12” painting that I painted earlier this year and is typical of the work I have created over the years . It has been sitting in my studio waiting to be signed, while I’ve been playing around with other things. I spotted it the other day and said to myself, “you need to get those acrylics out again and return to your easel”…Self said, “Huh?” It remains to be seen if I follow my own advice. Not having show and commission deadlines to pressure me I tend to paint when the mood hits. This is certainly not what an aspiring professional artist should do. I have proof that years of hustle and bustle and sticking to your style, will continue to pay off down the road.


  1. A very nice abstract. Lots of texture and great colors that make it pop out. Lucky you for having a "flurry of sales".

  2. Thank you Jean. I was very surprised as I don't always have a "flurry". Everything has it's ebb and flow. May the New Year flow for you and all of the other wonderful artists.

  3. Hi Eva
    Lovely painting and good logic. So happy to hear that your paintings have been finding their 'forever homes'.

    You've jogged my memory on something I haven't thought about for quite some time...
    As a student I recall learning that a painter doesn't even 'hit her strokes' until her 8th decade...the idea being that everything up until then is just practice...
    I've always loved and been inspired by that idea even though I don't take it literally ... being in my 6th decade I'm now delighted to imagine what the next 20 years of being in the studio will bring.

    Happy Newest Year to You and Yours!

  4. Thank you Donna for your comments.
    It is nice to know I have something to look forward to. I'm not quite in my 8th decade either, but there are times I feel like it.:O)

  5. This is lovely. The palette used is exciting. Looking forward to visiting your blog more often. Jen


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