Monday, December 20, 2010


The last greeting card went out today and I am exhausted! I always say next year I will start earlier and I did this year, but I had no idea I would run into so many problems and interruptions. I wrote about some of them in my last post so I won't go into them again. One pleasant interruption was my grandson's graduation from college last Wednesday. I was very proud as they recognized him for being the first to graduate (with honors) from Kennesaw State's new Interdisciplinary Studies. He majored in Environmental Policy. When they asked the students who had a cell phone and was texting and also who was on Facebook, he was one of a few who didn't raise his hand. He is a very quiet, sort of a New Age hippy. No computer, cell phone or any other electronic gadgets. He loves to meditate, paint and garden. He plans to be an organic farmer. Needless to say I'm pretty partial to him. He loves coming here to paint and talk about meditation. He plans to travel a lot. I will miss him when he takes off on his own.

If you are looking for a new project to kick off the New Year, Nancy Standee, a super artist and blogger, wrote about an upcoming free online journal workshop. It is sponsored by Strathmore journals and the first one starts January 1st. I signed up for the one that starts in March as I need to recoup!

Have a Merry Christmas or enjoy your traditional Holiday celebration.
Peace and Love,


  1. Hi Eva
    How proud you must be of your grandson and his accomplihment and his determination to focus on a simpler/saner life...I applaud him!
    Does he know about the No Impact Man College level challenge? You can google 'no impact man' and then share the info with him.

    I also signed up for one of the three Strathmore journal workshop...I have 147 journal volumes and know it will be a fun kick off to the year.

    May your holidays be rich in peace, prosperity and health.

  2. Hi Donna,Yes I am VERY proud of Branden. I'm sure he must have heard about the No Impact Man in collage, but I will ask him.
    I can't imagine 147 journal!I can't finish one. I have a few started, but my AADD keeps me hoping to something else. :O(

  3. I'm with you, Eva--exhausted. Today I grocery shopped and decided to just leave them in the car overnight; it's refrigerator-temperature. Tomorrow is another day.

    You should be so proud of your grandson; the world needs more just like him.

    (I'm not looking for a project--they seem to find me.) Enjoy your Holidays.

  4. Take it easy Eva and it is so nice to see a proud grand mother always! Enjoy your Christmas!

  5. Hallie, I hope your groceries didn't freeze with the record breaking cold we are having LOL
    Yes, Branden is a grandmother's dream.

  6. Thank you padmaja, I am un-stressing now and plan to have a wonderful Christmas. I hope your Holidays are special too.

  7. It's wonderful to be able to share such a special, artistic, relationship with anyone, let alone a grandson. Happy Holidays to you and all of your family, Eva.

  8. Hi Robin, yes I feel very fortunate. I think that's the blessing of grandchildren, they are easier to connect with. I wish you and your family the best Holidays ever!

  9. I love the sound of your grandson, just doing his own thing. That is strength of character! And how nice that he has an appreciative grandmother to share life with!

    Wishing you a peaceful, joyful holiday season!

  10. Hi Carole. Thank you for commenting. I realize all of the grandchildren in this world are wonderful.I just feel blessed to have Branden in my life to demonstrate this. Happy Holidays to you also :O)

  11. All Best Wishes into the New Year 2011!!!

  12. Thank you Liz, and the same to you, Cheers!


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