Wednesday, December 29, 2010

After Thought

It occurred to me that my last post may have sounded like I was boasting, about the sales I had before Christmas. That was not my intention. I was meanly trying to illustrate, what I believe is, the importance of consistency if one is trying to build a reputation. I have had some budding artist ask me to look at their site and I am often amazed at the variety of styles. Although they obviously have talent, it appears they are trying to cover every market and taste. This may work for some artists, but I’ve never been that successful with it. Choose something you love to do, do it well, and then market, market, market! Do shows, get an agent, send slides to a gallery that features your style and by all means get a website with your name or business name, and dedicate it to your specialty. Forget about my sales, they are just a drop in the bucket as to what you can do!


  1. What you posted yesterday, Eva, was good advice--not boasting. The market, market, market is probably the hard part.

  2. Whew, I'm appreciate your support.Yes, marketing it is the hard part, but you have to have someway to let people know about your work.

  3. Oh dear Eva! I read yesterday's post and it never occurred to me that you were boasting.
    Actually, it is your concern that it sounded like boasting that makes me love your artistic intent even more. I agree with Hallie that you give very sound advice.
    My goal as an artist isn't to sell since it isn't my livelihood. But my goal is to find what I love and do it... your advice worked in my book.

  4. Hi Pamo. I guess I'm a little paranoid about that sort of thing. I'm glad my advice rang true to you. Thank you for your comments and have a wonderful New Year!


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