Monday, November 28, 2011


'Flight'                5" x  5"                        ©Eva Macie

I missed the deadline for the Spruill Gallery Holiday Show. I decided to offer my entries online, as soon as I update my website. Since I am not a webmaster it takes me awhile. Here is the smallest piece I created. It is a 5”x5” acrylic on a canvas wrapped frame. I made the frame out of wood lathe so it is very lightweight. The back is covered with marbleized mat board and ready to hang. I rarely put a shiny varnish on my work, but since this is so small, I thought it needed a little attention, so I gave it a high gloss glaze. I think it will be a bright spot in anyone’s collection, especially during the Holidays. The price is $55.00 USD including postage.


  1. A great price for original art! I look forward to seeing more, please let me know when you have updated your website.

  2. Thanks Robin. Yes, I know the price is lower than I usually charge for my work, but since I don't have to pay a show fee or commission, I decided to cut the price.I will let you know when I get my site updated.

  3. I like the glossy finish. It enhances the colours.

  4. Thanks Carole. As I said I rarely use gloss but in this case the little piece just called for it.

  5. It is a beautiful expression of holiday mood Eva!


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